Sunday, 31 October 2010

A few more pictures

I'm not good at remembering to post images here.  Time seems to run away with me.  Here are a few pictures which I have been working on recently.

We had a set subject competition at Stokesley Photographic Competition which was "Vernacular and agricultural buildings of North Yorkshire".  I don't like set subject competitions but like to support the club and enter something.  This picture of a barn door tied up with string was awarded 1st place in the projected image section.

This then led to finding two other images of the same door to make a set of three.

This picture of barns at Gunnerside was originally taken in spring when the grass was green.  I converted the colour image to black & white, using the I-R preset in CS5.  Added some white noise to make it look as if it was snowing.  This was printed on a heavyweight textured paper and was Highly Commended.  

So a reasonable result for somebody who doesn't like set subject competitions!

We visited Auschwitz a few years ago and I think this will make a good entry for our next set subject competition which is "Roads, railways, tracks and paths".

On the theme of WW2 we spent a day at the North York Moors Railway WW2 weekend earlier in the month and this is one of the pictures which I have processed so far.

This happy couple are members of Normanton Camera Club who enjoy attending 40's events and dress up to look the part.  Even the camera is of the right vintage.

The next two images were taken in Charleston Harbour, Oregon, when we were there in 2008.

Finally here are a couple of photos from my eldest son's recent wedding.  Unfortunately Guy and I didn't manage to be in the picture which includes both my sons and their families.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

A few new pictures

Not much photographic activity lately so just posting a few random pictures which I have been working on recently.

Trees at The Trundle

Coal Tit

Blue Tit