Thursday, 22 September 2011

A poem as a thank you

Last Thursday evening Guy and I gave our first talk of the season to Gateshead Camera Club.  It was also the first showing of a new talk.  Instead of the usual vote of thanks we were thanked with this poem which Irene Britton had written during our talk.  I think it was the best vote of thanks that we have ever received.

"Double Act" the premiere
We're the first to view
So many differennt prints to see
On our new print stands too.

Paula likes to work a theme
Some birds and stones and water
She demonstrated well tonight
Her pictures, as she oughta

Her abstract shapes and colours
Reflections, tone and mood
Paula's photographic eye
Is easily understood

The Davies are well travelled
Near and far afield
Berlin, Bath or Stockton
Whitby, Harris or South Shields?

Guy says he's a landscaper
With shots from the U.S.A.
His images are "canyons"
As we Geordies say

Water seems to feature
The river and the sea
Some lovely moments captured
I'm sure we all agree

You sometimes break the rules you say
Photography must be fun
You've certainly shown us that tonight
I think our hearts you've won

We've seen some stunning images
Such variety and imagination
Some images so high key
Others full saturation

As a "double act" from Stokesley
You both perform real well
You certainly know photography
As all your pictures tell

Drive home safely southwards
We so enjoyed your show
If other clubs ask about you both
We'll certainly let them know

So thank-you Guy and Paula
Your words and pictures are
So very very watchable
I'm sure you'll both go far.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

An even smaller success in the NCPF exhibition

I only managed one acceptance in the PDI section of the NCPF exhibition last weekend and it's not even with a new title.  As I am now at the Galaxy stage in the PSA star system for CPID I have to get 25 titles with 3 acceptances each for the 1st Galaxy.  So far The Long Wait has achieved two acceptances in CPID.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A little success in the NCPF International

It's September and life has got busy again.  I was helping with the print judging at the NCPF International last weekend and pleased to say that I managed three acceptances.