Project 365 - 05/12

365-121 Canola & Grain Silos, Palouse

Canola in the USA or Oil Seed Rape in the UK.

365-120 Lone Cottonwood Tree, Palouse

Still not getting that 'special light'.

365-119 Dalmen Barn, Uniontown, Palouse

365-118 Seen Better Days

When the barns in the Palouse are no longer used they are just left to weather and eventually fall down.

365-117 Palouse Contours

We had our first real look at the Palouse area today.  We didn't do the right thing and get up early so the light was a bit flat by the time we got to Steptoe Butte.  A bit of work in Lightroom has helped.

365-116 Palouse Falls

Almost there!

365-115 Rivitted

A rust patch found on the side of an engine in the Northwest Railway Museum at Snoqualmie, Washington State.

365-114 Here's Looking at You

Downtown Seattle

365-113 Playtime

Seattle. How nice to be in a city where parents don't mind their children being photographed.

365-112 Newark, New Jersey

From the departure area at Newark Liberty airport.

365-111 Green Bottle

I spotted the blue trolley handles while we were waiting for the shuttle-bus to our hotel at Manchester Airport and then, after getting closer, spotted the contrasting green bottle.

365-110 Stokesley Parish Church

I woke up during the night and realised that I should have taken a picture of the church with the cherry blossom as these two trees are going to be removed soon.  The blossom has all blown away now but I still thought I ought to take a picture for the sake of history.

365-109 York Minster

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary and we decided to have a day out in York to celebrate.  Lunch in Goji was good, especially the vegan chocolate cake.

365-108 Kevin the Skeleton

In the chiropractor's treatment room lives Kevin the Skeleton.

365-107 Nectaroscordum Silicum

I brought two of these flower stems indoors recently as the wind had blown it over and broken the stem.  (365-102) They were tight buds then but are now opening up.  I had hoped to photograph the in between stage when you can see the small buds just breaking out of the paper thin case but that happened overnight.

365-106 Preparation

It will be good to get out into the landscape again.

365-105 Cowslip

Busy getting things ready for our holiday in the USA so not much time for going out and getting new pictures.

365-104 Laced Up

New boots required as I discovered my old ones were leaking badly.

365-103 Flowers under Water

When we were away last week in the Eden Valley we took a look at the International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition which was on in Reghed.  There were some interesting pictures of flowers which had been put under water and left to degrade so today I plunged this tulip under water.  It will  be interesting to see how it looks in a few weeks' time.

365-102 Reaching for the Sky

 Back to the more mundane today.

365-101 Buzzard in Flight

We had a super day photographing the birds of prey despite the, mostly, wet weather.

365-100 Another Wet Day

In the Eden Valley for a Birds of Prey Photography Workshop tomorrow with Ann and Steve Toon.

365-099 The Last Cupcake

Life is just getting too serious and busy!!

365-098 Orange Tip

Taken in the back garden.

365-097 In Case it's Windy

It's been done before but not by me!

365-096 Red and Gold

It's a good job that I still have some tulips in the garden for those days when there isn't time to go out anywhere.

365-095 Blossom Time

Apple blossom?

365-094 Flowers for the Driver

Why?  They are in a pot and look fresh too.

365-093 Yankee's Celebrating the Jubilee

Not much Jubilee stuff around this neck of the woods so far.  I was amused to see the Yankee Candles in this display all with their Union Jacks.

365-092 Slow Food

Looking for inspiration!

365-091 Who Ate the Cake?

I had to smile when I saw this pooch waiting outside the shops.  It looks as if he has demolished a cake from the baker shop bag.  Though I guess from the state of the bag it has been blowing around for some time.

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