Thursday, 5 June 2014

Solway Salon

After an almost year long break from entering international exhibitions I decided to enter the Solway Salon for small prints this year.  I was really surprised with the results having 17 acceptances from 24 prints entered.  I even managed to get 4 acceptances in the creative section despite none of them being 'surreal'.  Unfortunately none of them gained any awards but several of the entries were first timers.

Absorbed and Steampunk Memories were both first time entries accepted in the Colour Open section.

 The Plotters and Venetian Fantasy are old favourites, Tuscan Trees Impression and Venetian Dreaming were new images and these were all accepted in the Creative Section.

 Abandoned Propeller, Aim for the Enemy Son, Curious and Langdale Tree were accepted in the Mono Open Section with Aim for the Enemy Son and Curious being new images.

In the Mono Landscape section RX435 and Steetley Pier were accepted both being new images.

Jamaa El Fna Marrakech and Palouse Spring were accepted in the Travel Open section with Palouse Spring being a new acceptance.

And finally in the Travel People section Morroccan Stool Seller, a new image, and Venetian Lady were accepted.