Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fun with a Fish Eye Lens in Cambridge

We spent a very enjoyable day in Cambridge on Monday of last week.  Thank you Ann for the grand tour.  I really appreciated Ian lending me his 5D with 15mm fish eye lens (now I want one for my Nikon) so thank you Ian as well.

The lens was good for the inside of King's College Chapel but, as we couldn't use a tripod, no chance of doing and HDR image.  I might try making 5 differently exposed TIFFs from this one image and see what Photomatix produces.

This picture of the staircase makes me think of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

The bicycle with flowers attached to the basket is one of my favourites.  Should I straighten the uprights on the door in the background?
 I wanted a person walking into the picture and it was surprising how many people walked behind me to avoid being in the picture.  I think this version of the wine merchants with the couple drinking coffee next door will go into my 'Taking a Break' series.

The daffodils around the backs were a delight.