Project 365 - 02/12

29/365 Campsie View

The weather for the whole time we were in Scotland was what the Scots call 'dreak'.  Douglas and Ellen's bungalow has lovely views of the Campsie Hills, if only we could have seen them.  This was the best light we had all the time we were there.

28/365 Cotton

Before moving on to Lenzie, where we were to stay with Douglas and Ellen for the next three days, we visited the restored 18th century cotton mill village at New Lanark.

27/365 Glasgow's Squiggly Bridge

A new bridge over the Clyde.

26/365 Time for Thai

After judging again all day it was good to arrive in Glasgow and relax over a Thai dinner.

25/365 Ivy Leaves and Flower

There wasn't much time to find any photographs during our busy day judging the Great British Small Print Exhibition.  Not much inspiration around the area of the conference centre in Whitehaven either.

24/365 We've got our beady eyes on you!

We didn't expect to get caught in a traffic jam in the Lake District in February!

23/365 Trapped

What a good job we decided to leave our car in the road yesterday evening.

22/365 Seed Head

A sunflower seed head left over from the summer in the hope that the goldfinches might find it.

21/365 The Teletubbies

20/365 Cone Corner

It always amazes me what church halls and community centres store in their loos.

19/365 Divine Temptation

I love dark chocolate.

18/365 Past Their Best

I love tulips when they are dying or dead.  These have gradually been drooping over the past few days and now they are beginning to dry out.

17/365 A Tasty Morsel

A macro shot of part of a litter bin in town.

16/365 Table Top Still Life

No time today to do anything for myself so had to turn to a still life just before bedtime.

15/365 A Bit Sheepish

After lunch at the Black Sheep Brewery I found this white 'sheep' on a black tank.

14/365 A Heart for Valentine's Day

I spent some time looking for hearts and decided to use the one which is a permanent fixture.

13/365 Trapped

The ice in the pond is gradually thawing.

12/365  Intimate Conversation

Taken while waiting for the next round at the NCPF Championships.

It looks as if the garden has shut down for winter.

They are digging up the road outside our house.  By Monday we won't be able to get in or out of our drive.

Had time to play today.  Not only with my new compact camera but also in Photoshop.

Icy Path
A good reason not to venture out today.  The path outside our house is absolutely treacherous today.

7/365 - Hanging On
The problem with being very busy is finding the time to get a photograph.  Another one quickly taken in the garden just before breakfast.

6/365 - Winter Aconites in the Snow
Very busy today and only took a quick snap in the garden after breakfast.

5/365 - Waiting for my Picnic
Taken in the National Media Museum, Bradford.

4/365 - Sandstone, Lichen and Ivy
Found on a gravestone in our local churchyard.

3/365 - Taking a Break
Shopping in Guisborough this morning and despite the blue sky and sunshine it was bitterly cold. We were pleased to find a Costa Coffee had been opened since we were last there. I was amused by the juxtaposition of the lady who looked equally cold as us and the poster of the couple enjoying their coffee in the (presumably) mediterranean sunshine.

2/365 - 2 Candles for Candlemas (2nd February every year)

1/365 - A close up of peachy pot pourri

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