Project 365 - 07/12

365-178 The Spiv

1940's weekend in Leyburn

365-177 Rosa Rugosa

Another from the garden

365-176 Eryngium

 365-175 Aftermath

After cooking for only two of us how come there is sooooo much washing up to do?

365-174 Poppy Seeds

Playing around with textures for the background

365-173 Clematis Centre

365-172 Bubble Abstract

Trying to make a smeary oily picture.  Didn't get what I wanted but I did end up with this.

365-171 Nettleham Church

We had a stroll around Nettleham with Diane and Mike before driving home

365-170 Buddlia

We went to Nettleham, Lincolnshire, to give a talk to RB Camera Club who meet in the village.  Coincidentally Guy's cousin lives there so we had time to catch up on Diane and Mike's news during the day and they very kindly played host to us for the night.

I was so envious of how many flowers they had on their buddlia compared with ours.

365-169 Seed Tray

With all the rain these seeds just didn't get planted

365-168 Geranium

365-167 Lost in Time

A day out for a change and we called in to Jervaulx Abbey as we had never been there before.  It's gradually being reclaimed by nature.

365-166 Clematis

I love clematis but they have got so badly damaged in the rain that the pictures need that extra something to rescue them.

365-165 Water Forget-me-not

365-164 Speckled Wood

Found in the garden

365-163 Grasses

From the Stipa Gigantea in our garden.

365-162 Bubbles

365-161 The Answer's a Lemon

One of those days when it had got to dinner time before I thought of taking today's picture.  Had no idea what to do until I spotted the lemon cut and ready to use.

365-160 Raindrops on Roses

Another of those drizzly days which leaves everything damp

365-159 A Rubbish Photo

In memory of John, whose funeral we had just attended.  Those who knew him will never forget his vibrant and bubbly personality.  He often said he just took pictures of rubbish!  Not true of course but sometimes he would photograph the rubbish in the streets.

365-158 Cherry Swing

365-157 Decisions, Decisions!

Shall I have cake and not worry about the diet?

365-156 Murray Makes History

But can he win the final against Roger Federer?

365-155 Smoking Kills

365-154 Eryngium - Miss Wilmot's Ghost

365-153 Busy Bee

On the astrantia in our garden

365-152 A Pair of Pears

365-151 White Daisy

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