Project 365 - 06/12

365-150 Raining Again

It would be really nice to enjoy a sunny day with no rain at all.

365-149 Wimbledon

The only two weeks of the year when I could become a couch potato.

365-148 Storm Approaching.

Five minutes later we had torrential rain, thunder & lightening.

365-147 A Yorkshire Rose

White of course!

365-146 Coffee Break

365-145 Alium

365-144 Clematis 2

Having picked the clematis yesterday I wasn't going to waste it so I decided to scan it and make it 'arty'.  Besides which it is pouring with rain again!

365-143 Clematis

A bit of a disastrous day yesterday so no picture of the day.

Brought these indoors as it is so windy in the garden.

365-142 Wet, Wet, Wet

I had hoped to have a stunning picture of the limestone pavement at Malham for today.  We were booked on a trip with the Natural History Group of the U3A so having paid for it and for lunch we went.  It poured with rain almost the whole time we were there, so much so that the camera stayed in the dry once I had taken this picture.  We did manage to walk around the raised bog on the boardwalk and see some interesting plants but there was no way we could walk on the limestone pavement as it would have been treacherous.

365-141 HM Bark Endeavour

365-140 Wasp's Nest

Found in our garden shed.

365-139 Hartlepool Marina

365-138 Kippen, Sunday Morning

Sunday morning and time for coffee.

365-137 Party Time for Chickens

Even though she was hosting the birthday party Jane still had to feed the chickens.  Love the wellies with the party dress.

365-136 Cross Keys

Another hotel, another bed.  Had to nip up to Scotland to help celebrate my brother-in-law's 80th birthday.

365-135 Peacock Feather

We are so used to seeing squashed tin cans on the road so it was a surprise to come across this peacock feather.  Especially as there are no peacocks in the area as far as I know.

365-134 The Lunch Queue

It seems than none of the kids have lunch in school these days.  If you want to go shopping don't in our small town don't do it between 12 noon and 1pm in term time!

365-133 Breezy Knees Garden

We went to the aptly named Breezy Knees Garden today.  It has been flooded during the past few days and was still very soggy.  The flowers are about 10 days behind their normal flowering time but the poppies were still beautiful.

365-132 Iris

I knew it would happen once we were home again.  I almost forgot to take a picture today.

365-131 The New Ziggurat

We missed the jubilee celebrations.  The new ziggurat made to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is looking splendid.

365-130 Green and Pleasant

After almost three weeks away the garden is looking very lush.  Must be all that rain!

365-129 Home Sweet Home

Don't even think about the unpacking and laundry, just make a nice cup of tea!


365-128 Flying High

Homeward bound from Seattle via Washington DC.

365-127 Seattle Waterfront

Taken from the Bainbridge Island ferry.

365-126 Poppies

Sequim, Washington State, USA

365-125 Rain Forest, Olympic State Park

Washington State, USA

365-124 Bald Eagle and Chick

365-123 Clearing the Way

On the Cascade Loop Road, Washington State, USA.

365-122 Gas Station, Winthrop

Winthrop is a lovely old town in Washington State, USA.  The whole town's buildings look like this but unfortunately there are lots of modern cars parked along the street.

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