Project 365 - 03/12

365-060 Inside Out

We had a trip to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) today with our photographic society.  I was looking around for the usual rubbish to photograph and came across this pile of stuff behind the window of a hut.

365-059 Blackbird

I was busy in the garden this morning and was surprised at how close this female blackbird got to me.  It even allowed me to get my camera out of my pocket and take a few snaps.

365-058 Self Portrait

A so called 'fun' evening tonight at the camera club for self portraits. At the very last moment I thought I really should participate!

365-057 Backlit Tulips

Looking out from my study window I noticed the sunshine picking out these tulips.

365-056 Down by the River

The River Leven runs through Stokesley. With all this lovely warm weather the river is very low and the daffodils are in full bloom.

365-055 Crushed

365-054 Stokesley Duathlon

The period when all the entrants are taking part in the cycle race and before they change their shoes for the run.

365-053 Grocer's Van

The elderly gentleman who drives this van takes it around the country collecting for the Marie Curie Daffodil appeal.  I think he parked it outside the butcher's shop because it has a matching green awning.

365-052 Looking for Ernest

Stopped off at Chester for coffee on the way home.

365-051 Portmeirion Corner

I last visited Portmeirion in 1964 and have to say that my return visit was disappointing. Maybe because we were there in very flat light and nothing much was open.

365-050 Room With a View

Normally I'm not bothered about staying in a room with a view but in this instance I'm glad that we did. 
After a very dull day there was a lovely sunset.

365-049 'Do Not Disturb' Dylan

It was my 70th birthday and for a special surprise Guy organised for us to stay at a lovely spa hotel in Wales for 3 nights.  Instead of the usual 'Do Not Disturb' notice to hang on the door handle there was a fluffy toy to leave outside the door.  In our room it was Dylan the dog.

365-048 Family Group

Back home for a day between travels to find that the frogs had been busy over the weekend.

365-047 White Rose

365-046 Morecambe Bay

The early morning view of Morecambe Bay from our hotel room.

365-045 The Lambing Shed

In the 'Lambing Live' shed at Mainsgill Farm where we stopped for a cup of tea on the way to the RPS Northern Region spring weekend at Grange-over-Sands.

365-044 In the Park

Another day when I 'forgot' to take a photograph and was hunting around the house for something at 11 pm.  This is a small part of a water colour painting made by my mother-in-law about 70 years ago.  I have always loved the painting.

365-043 Euphorbia

I love the lime green of these euphorbia in early spring.

365-042 Scones for Supper

The club where Guy was judging always provide freshly made scones for their tea break.

365-041 Grasses

When I drew back the curtains this morning the light on the grasses was wonderful but somehow the straight shot didn't work for me.

365-040 Trojan Horse

365-039 Family Group

Visited our youngest grandson (and his parents) on our way to Smethwick for the Digital Group meeting.

365-038 Waiting for Playtime

Photography in community centre loos is turning into a project now.

365-037 Eggs for Soldiers

Helping the Heroes

365-036 Primulas

My picture of the day was so poor all I could do was use Pixelbender!

365-035 Stockton Riverside

Another lovely sunny, but cold, day.  Looking across the River Tees from where I visit the chiropractor.

365-034 Stokesley Ziggurat

The famous Ziggurat in the middle of Stokesley will be replaced soon with a new one which is being especially made to celebrate the Queen's jubilee.  I thought I had better record the old one before it disappears.  Not the best time of year for the flower displays though.

365-033 Playing Their Part

At the Media Museum in Bradford.

365-032 Freedom

It was good to find that we could get our car in the drive when we arrived back from Glasgow.

365-031 Gloopy

At the end of the day I realised that I hadn't taken a picture!

365-030 Glasgow Botanic Garden

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