Friday, 22 February 2013

GASO Exhibition Success

I was very pleased when I received my GASO results this morning to have gained 3 PSA Gold Medals and an HM for 'The Red Boat' in the Open Section.  GASO is a PSA recognised circuit with 5 separate judgings and in the 5th judging it didn't even get an acceptance!  It just emphasises what I tell people that just because an image gets a good result in one place it won't guarantee that it will always do well.  I also received an HM for 'Eryngium' and 'Primulas' in the Creative Section.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

More from Sion Hall

These are the best of the rest of the pictures taken of the birds of prey at Sion Hall Falconry Centre.

Spectacled Owl

Golden Eagle

Great Grey Owl

Golden Eagle

African Spotted Owl

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Bateleur Eagle

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Snowy Owl

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Birds of Prey

After over a month of non-activity due to a trapped nerve in my neck I managed to get out and do some photography last weekend.  We had a club visit to a local falconry centre where they posed and flew some of the birds especially for us.  Thank you Colin for arranging the visit, we had a great time.

Ferruginous Buzzard

Peregrine Falcon

Grey Eagle Buzzard

Little Owl on Garden Fork

Little Owl
White Faced Scops Owl