Project 365 - 04/12

365-090 Dying Tulip

My pink tulip is crisp and dry now but still retaining its colour.


365-089 Another Wet Day

No way I am going out to take any photographs today.  It's wet, windy and only 6 degrees - and it's almost May!

365-088 Swainby Beck

Having spent what was a miserable day indoors we stopped off in the village of Swainby for a quick snap.  I felt that it needed livening up a bit with a mixture of Photoshop treatment.

365-087 Diving In

Taken at the Harrogate Flower Show.  Felt that it needed the Topaz Simplify Cartoon treatment.

365-086 Rock Patterns

Spent the day in Scarborough with the U3A on a fossil hunt.  Great idea old fossils hunting for even older fossils.    I preferred looking for colourful patterns in the rocks.

365-085 Goggle Eyed

Found at the back of the Co-op.

365-084 Eileen

Eileen asked me if I could take a publicity photograph of her.  She was pleased with the result and it's my picture for today.

365-083 Muscari

Not the normal blue variety.

365-082 Honesty Flowers

365-081 Scooting Home

Another day of heavy showers. It started to pour down and the kids quickly jumped off the swinging tyre and were gone. The three in the background were heading for home as quickly as possible.

365-080 Moth Orchid

365-079 A Fishy Image

Thursday was so wet that I resorted to photographing a couple of fish which the previous owners of our house had stuck to the bathroom tiles. In the computer they managed to swim into a glassy aquarium.  

365-078 Through the Window

Spotted while sitting in a cafe having lunch today.

365-077 Across the Tees

On my 6 weekly visit to the chiropractor today so a chance to take a picture looking across the River Tees to the student accommodation. D70 converted to infra-red. Decided this looked best sepia toned.

365-076 Backdrop Artist

I was asked to take a picture of the artist who paints the backdrops for the (very) amdram panto at our town hall. It's all part of the town's jubilee celebrations and a long story!

365-075 Pink with a touch of green

Having picked the tulip yesterday I feel that I should make the most of it.

365-074 Pastel Tulip

365-073 View over Rosedale

We went to see a photographic exhibition near Scarborough and on the way home took the scenic route across the North York Moors. I could kid you there was still snow up there (in fact there was still some on the side of the roads) but this is with the infra-red converted D70.

365-072 Tulip and Forget-me-nots

Found in the garden this morning after the rain had stopped.

365-071 Ready for the Garden

Spotted this display outside one of the flower shops in town.

365-070 Stokesley Churchyard

At last I managed to measure the white balance properly for my Infra-red converted D70.  Then I had a fun half hour looking for suitable images.  This was processed using the Channel Swap method.

365-069 Only for Dogs

365-068 Bee Hotel

Still not feeling up to much so more photography indoors.  Just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can put our Christmas present out in the garden.

365-067 Vitamin C Top Up

A complete contrast to yesterday but just what I need.

365-066 Down Feather

I found this little feather on the garden path this morning.

365-065 Eggs on Sticks

First time out of the house since Sunday but I just had to go and do some shopping for the Easter weekend.

365-064 Cyclamen

365-063 Ivy Seedhead

The longed for rain has arrived and how it's needed - even here in the North East. The ground is like 
dust. At least it's freshened up the greenery even if we have got cold northerly winds.

365-062 Hellebore

Stuck indoor nursing a humdinger of a cold (feels like flu!). Just popped into the garden to photograph the last of the hellebores. Then playing around with a mixture of Topaz and Photoshop effects.

365-061  No Queues Here

We needed to fill up today and were pleased to find that there were no queues at this petrol station.

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