Monday, 4 July 2011

4 Days in Berlin

We had a short city break in Berlin last month.  Not a lot of photography but plenty of history.  The Berlin Wall is the biggest tourist attraction but there is not a lot of it left.

The East Side Gallery at 1.3 km is the longest stretch of preserved wall with large paintings which were original done around 1990.  A lot of these were re-painted in 2009, either by the original artist or as a copy by another artist.

I liked this one which clearly depicts Japan

A lot of the paintings appear to be either surreal or political

The 'coach party' tourists love to have their pictures taken by the wall
I was surprised to find that the wall wasn't particularly thick
and that it was a lot shorter in height than the wall in Israel/Palestine

More remains of the wall at the Topography of Terrors
This part of the wall shows how it looked when it started to come down.

Where the wall has completely gone a double row of
slabs marks the route it took
It's not only the 'Berlin Wall' that gets painted.  This is
on a block of flats

Another memorial.  This time on Platform 17 at
Grunwald station, notorious as being the place from
where the Jews were sent to the concentration camps

The very difficult to photograph Holocaust Memorial

A few more to follow soon I hope.

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